Ultra355 Triathlon

Unforgettable ULTRAMAN triathlons in beautiful RACE destinations IN COZUMEL, MEXICO & HERVEY BAY, AUSTRALIA

AN ULTRAMAN JOURNEY THAT WILL TOUCH YOUR SOUL AND CREATE MEMORIES, Inspiring you to reach your peak performance and feel – Unstoppable!

ULTRA355 Triathlon – Unleash Your Ultraman Potential

Welcome to ULTRA355, the global authority in triathlon and endurance sports. Our legendary races spanning Australia & Mexico are meticulously designed to ignite your competitive spirit, inspire peak performance, and make you feel truly invincible. Are you ready to exceed your limits and embrace the ULTRA355 challenge? It’s time to gear up and secure your spot in the next triathlon!




Three day endurance race to push you more than ever before

Stunning locations to race and relax with family and friends

Harder, Tougher, Further, ULTRA355


Join the league of extraordinary athletes taking on the ULTRA355 triathlons, meticulously crafted by the visionary Tony Horton, creator of the renowned Ultraman Australia. Embark on an awe-inspiring 355km odyssey spread across three exhilarating days, where running, biking, and swimming intertwine. Push your boundaries in the world’s most breathtaking landscapes across in Cozumel, Mexico and Hervey Bay, Australia.

ULTRA355 is more than just a triathlon; it’s a profound journey that delves into the depths of your own determination. Unfolding over three days, each with a challenging 8-hour cut-off, this event pushes your limits, unveils unparalleled experiences, and helps you achieve extraordinary milestones. As you cross that finish line, you’ll celebrate a personal triumph and discover a new family and community within ULTRA355.

Supported by a compassionate and dedicated team, local businesses, community groups, and sponsors, ULTRA355 goes beyond being a mere triathlon event—it’s an athlete-focused race experience that honors your courage and commitment. Rooted in the legacy of the original Ultraman event in Hawaii in 1983 and the inaugural UM Australia in 2015, ULTRA355 now stands tall as a global series of endurance events in Australia and Mexico


ULTRA355 Triathlon: Dare to Go Further, Achieve More, Set Records

Prepare to embark on an incredible journey at one of our four extraordinary race locations in Mexico and Australia. Choose your race and immerse yourself in stunning natural beauty and flawless race terrain. Follow picturesque routes that transform sweating into pure pleasure. Don’t miss your chance to register and join us in this year’s most exhilarating triathlon events!

The ULTRA355 Ultraman tests every fiber of your being—both body and mind—challenging you in ways you’ve never imagined throughout the grueling 355 km race. Experience extreme conditions, from swimming to cycling to a long-distance endurance run. Witness the awe-inspiring determination of our competitors as they conquer the three-day challenge and triumphantly cross the finish line, shattering barriers along the way. No matter how often you contemplate giving up or doubt your ability to finish, we know you possess the inner strength to call yourself an Ultraman!

Get ready to lace up your runners, stretch your muscles, and embrace your peak performance alongside countless fellow athletes in the exhilarating ULTRA355 Triathlon.

Unleash Your Potential: A Community of Unstoppable Triathletes

Beyond the Ultraman Triathlon and within the core of each event lies a vibrant community of individuals who thrive on support and encouragement. While the ULTRA355 Triathlon may be an individual endeavor, you’ll always find fellow athletes pushing toward the finish line. Going the distance has never felt this rewarding! Embrace the true essence of camaraderie as you unite with like-minded individuals striving to conquer the Ultraman triathlon.

Join ULTRA355 and Become Unstoppable

Whether you choose the breathtaking Cozumel Island in Mexico or the captivating Hervey Bay in Australia, there’s only one obstacle standing between you and becoming unstoppable: yourself. Before registering for your ULTRA355 race, remember this—you possess the unwavering determination required to succeed. You’ve dedicated countless hours to training, preparing your body and mind for the ultimate test of endurance and resilience. Seize the opportunity, give it your all, and leave nothing on the course!

Secure your place in the next exhilarating ULTRA355 race!

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