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The Golden Hour: The First 60 Minutes Post-Race for Optimal Recovery

The Golden Hour: The First 60 Minutes Post-Race for Optimal Recovery

Discover the secrets of optimal recovery after a race with our insightful blog post on “The Golden Hour: The First 60 Minutes Post-Race.” Learn how to make the most of this crucial period, as we delve into effective strategies and techniques that can help you bounce back faster. From nutrition tips to active rest exercises, our comprehensive guide provides valuable insights in default language for athletes seeking ultimate recovery.

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Embark on Your Triathlon Journey: A Simplified Training Guide for a New Triathlete

Getting Started on Your Triathlon Journey Stepping up your regular exercise to triathlon readiness could be more achievable than you think. For most physically active individuals, a transition to triathlon training can be successfully made in just six weeks. If you’re not quite there yet, spending a few months focusing on a combination of running, […]

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The Simplified Guide to a Successful Triathlon Race Day

The world of triathlon races is exciting, yet it can be filled with anxiety about the myriad of details to remember. To help, we’ve created a simplified checklist covering all bases, ensuring you’re ready for the big day. Pre-Triathlon Race Essentials 1. Triathlon-Specific Gear 1.1 Swimming Gear: Keep your swimming goggles, wetsuit, swim cap, anti-chafing […]

Evolving Training Strategies - Ultra355

Embracing Change in Training: ULTRA355’s Hot Take on Evolving Strategies

ULTRA355’s Hot Take on Triathlon Training Change is constant, and we love how it keeps things interesting in the world of coaching and sports. Exploring new ways to improve our training methods and strategies is always a win. Embracing Change in Your Training Introduction At ULTRA355, we always have a whirlwind of thoughts swirling around […]