Thank you to everyone that has submitted an Expressions of Interest form for ULTRA 355 CANADA.

I wanted to update you and let you know we have not forgotten about you. We finished our final Ultra520K Canada 10 days ago and have been occupied finalizing all of these post-race duties while preparing and organizing the administration work for the ULTRA 355 CANADA.

I want to say Hello to the many previous athletes and friends from 520k and, of course, to the new athletes that have contacted us about this new and exciting race.

As mentioned in previous statements, I am looking for at least 50 “Expressions of Interest” by September 1st, 2022. We are almost there with 40 so far. If any of you know people that are interested in this new event, please encourage them to send in the EOI if they have not done so to date.

Expressions of Interest can be submitted here: https://ultra355.com/canada/

Many of you know Penticton will be hosting Ironman Canada in a couple of weeks, and we plan on a big push at that event to attract athletes looking for a new challenge.

We had an opportunity to test large portions of the proposed course for the 355 and found that most of it was very workable and will form the basis of the event. The proposed maps are on the website. We also found a few portions that could use a tweak to make them more athlete-friendly, especially with the more significant numbers we want to put onto the course.

Those items will be worked on over the next couple of months so we can submit them to the Ministry of Transportation for their approval.

In the meantime, I ask all of you to send me an email – first to ensure we have your correct address and second to tell me what year you expect to apply to do the race. (2023; 2024 or beyond).

If you could get back to me in the next couple of weeks, I would certainly appreciate it, and it will help set the direction we need to take to make this a successful launch.

Thank you for taking the time to help us with this new endeavour.

We will keep you informed as we go along so you know our progress.

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