Thank you to everyone that has submitted an Expressions of Interest form for ULTRA 355 CANADA. It was also a pleasure to meet many of you at Ironman Canada last week and have the opportunity to tell you about ULTRA 355 CANADA.

I wanted to update you and let you know we are now moving forward with planning ULTRA 355 Canada 2023.

We met our goal of 50 and exceeded it, having received over 110 of which 70 at the time of this update had selected 2023 as their preferred date.

Many of those responding to the 2023 date indicated that 2024 is also on their radar.

In addition, we also have another 20 wanting to join in, in 2025 and beyond.

There is no question in my mind and that of the organizing committee that this will be a popular format for ULTRA Distance Triathlon Racing. It is our aim to make this fun and be a real personal experience.

With that in mind, we are targeting the previously announced dates of July 15th, 16th, and 17th of 2023 for the first-ever Ultra355 Canada.

I am going into meetings from September 9th through the 16th to discuss the event’s details with my counterparts from Mexico and Australia so that we can open registration as soon as possible.

I will pass along further details after those meetings.

We aim to open registration by October 1st so athletes can start planning their training and preparations for Ultra355 Canada 2023.

Thanks again to everyone for their support.

We look forward to beginning this NEW journey with Ultra355.

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